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We’ve previously talked about ways you can use your award win or place on the shortlist as part of your marketing strategy. In this blog we’re going to focus more on the PR side of things, and how you can create some great business opportunities through positive coverage.

One of the key things to bear in mind is that you don’t have to wait for the awards to roll in before you plunge into the world of PR. Public relations should already be part of your promotional activities, and while you can get some great coverage off the back of an award win, you can also use positive press to help back-up your submissions – view it as a circular strategy and you’ll reap the rewards from both sides of the coin.

After the event

So, you’ve won an award or been shortlisted, now how do you use this for PR power? Here are our top 5 tips of ways you can raise your profile through post-award PR…

Local press – unless your win was pretty spectacular, has wide-reaching human interest, or you’re already a household name, you may not be able to secure coverage in national press. However, local newspapers often love a local business success story, which will get your name in front of many thousands of people – and people like doing business close to home.
Sponsorship – as your reputation grows, so do your opportunities to put your name in the hat for sponsorship deals and charity affiliations. Use your award-winning status as a hook for building this type of relationship – speak to your local football club, sponsor a roundabout (strange but true!) or get involved in a community venture.
Recruitment – depending [...]

How winning an election is nothing like winning an award

Anyone notice we’ve just had a general election? No? Well, in case you didn’t hear about it, here are five things about winning the vote to become an MP that are nothing like winning a business award.

You get to make a speech whether you win or not
Everyone finds out how well they did – and how well everyone else did
Winning means you have a job (it would be a bit harsh if you lost your job because you didn’t win that business award!)
You get a say in how the country is run
There’s no value in being runner-up

In the interests of balance (political or otherwise) here are five things about winning the vote to become an MP that are  similar to winning a business award.

It’s all in the preparation. Rational arguments, a strong track record and data that can be trusted by those who can decide the winner all count
It costs you to enter – prospective parliamentary candidates pay £500
The results are made public. Not everyone stays up all night to watch the results coming in, but everyone can find out the result
Not everyone will agree with the result. But hey, debate is healthy (just don’t be the sore loser)
It doesn’t last forever. Best opticians 1988 isn’t going to impress anyone, and in five years time, those prospective parliamentary candidates will be staying up all night all over again

We can’t help you get elected but we can help with business award entries. Why not give us a call to see how?