Our NHS guide to internal awards ceremonies

Following the success of our guide to writing award entries for NHS communications teams and the accompanying training course, we were commissioned to write a guide to running internal awards ceremonies.

The document – A practical guide to running internal awards in the NHS – outlines the business case for organisations to have their own awards ceremonies, highlighting the strong evidence that increased employee engagement leads to better outcomes for patients. It then covers everything an organisation would need to consider and plan for when creating a set of awards, with suggestions about categories, judging and the awards ceremony itself.

Chief wordsmith Louise Turner said: “We were delighted to once again offer our expertise to the NHS to help them harness the power of awards.

“The business case for running staff awards, in the NHS especially, is backed by many academic studies. The increased levels of staff engagement that internal awards can generate are critical to improving patient care and outcomes.

“While written for NHS organisations, the guide could be used by companies in any sector as a step-by-step approach to planning, creating and running their own awards.”


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    Finding the right award – and some interesting alternatives!

Finding the right award – and some interesting alternatives!

Awards span pretty much every industry and activity, and come in all kinds of styles and sizes – from local to international, and professional and slightly unusual.

No matter how niche your business, or how common your services, there will undoubtedly be an award that you’re suitable and eligible to enter… but how do you choose the right one?

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the right award(s) – for more on how to find a good award, read our other blog here. Our top tips are to consider:

Your industry – when it comes to your industry, what really matters? What are the defining characteristics of what you do, and what are things that are most important to your stakeholders? What awards reflect these factors or exist in your specific industry? This is a great place to start looking!

Credibility – not all awards are created equal, so do your homework! There are some awards that are essentially little more than a money-making model, and won’t carry much kudos. Some awards may be hard to win if you’re not part of the network that ultimately decides your fate – think ‘old boys’ club’ and you get the picture! You need to ensure that the award is transparent and credible, otherwise it won’t bring any value in the long-run.

Judgment day – what’s the judging process? Are there different stages or ‘knock-out’ rounds? Will the judges require further input or evidence if you’re shortlisted? Will they want to meet with you face-to-face? Find out and make sure you’re prepared.

Timeline and timing – think about submission deadlines, award ceremonies and the time investment required by yourself and colleagues, and make sure you don’t have other commitments or [...]