Introducing Awards Writers

At Awards Writers we believe in using awards to magnify your strengths and get you therecognition you deserve. We are story tellers, and we know that there are three things which win awards – a captivating story, the right numbers to support it, and a big scoop of luck. We use our nose for the narrative and polished writing skills to give you the best chance of being successful in your chosen award. We don’t use templates and each entry we write will be bespoke, because there’s no business quite like yours. Just being shortlisted can be a fantastic boost for a business – for your staff in particular, but also a great accolade to show off to clients, existing and potential. However, we won’t encourage you to enter awards if we don’t think you have a good chance of winning, that’s just not how we do things. And that integrity shows in our statistics. Since 2012, c80% of the awards we’ve written have taken a prize and around half of these have scooped a prize. Our words have won European, national and local awards for our clients. We’ve provided tips on winning for The Daily Telegraph, written multiple guides to writing awesome award entries, set up awards, been judges, and trained communications teams from across the NHS on the art of winning awards.

How we can help

We offer three main services:

Awards Matching

You tell us what you’re proud of and we’ll research the market to see what awards are available. We’ll produce a calendar showing you which awards close and which open for entries each month.

Prices from


plus VAT

Awards writing

You know which awards you want to enter and we’ll play critical friend, identifying the evidence the judges might be looking for and asking great questions so we can tell your story in a compelling way.

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plus VAT

Discounts offered for three or more entries commissioned at once.

Strategic awards consultancy

You know which awards you want to enter and want to give yourself the best chance possible. For that, you’re prepared to wait and get everything ready so that, when the deadline comes around, you have everything you need
to give your entry the best chance. We will work with you to identify the potentially award-winning projects and the awards they might be suitable for, set up metrics from the start so you can prove how fantastic your project was and then write the entry. This process can take around a year.

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plus VAT

We maintain our statistics (and morals) by starting any awards process with a screening call. This allows us to hear a bit about you and your story, and gives us chance to evaluate your chances of being on the shortlist. If we don’t think you will make it, we don’t want to waste your time or money on putting together an entry for you. That’s just not how we do business.