Entering business awards takes both tactical and strategic thinking, and if you’re serious about your entry, it should be incorporated into your overall performance management strategy. Gathering examples and data to support your entry has to be a responsibility shared by the company as a whole, or at the very least, the department most closely aligned to your next submission subject.
We all want our employees to be proactive and enthusiastic, and that’s really the beauty of awards – winning or being shortlisted for them encourages this behaviour, while incentivising them to aim towards an award also does the same. It’s a win/win situation.
First of all, you need to clearly communicate to all management and staff which awards you’re thinking of entering, so they have an end goal to keep them focused. Knowing that they could play an instrumental part in achieving that accolade will help them to hone in on opportunities, and work extra hard to create great case studies and gather evidence.
Everyone wants to be a winner
Whether it’s within one key department or business-wide, a bit of healthy competition never hurts. Running a ‘leader board’ or some kind of visual reference to chart targets or successes that relate to your entry can really ramp up productivity levels. Equally, if people are chatting about the award over the water cooler or in the canteen, other departments will get wind of it and also want to prove that their part of the business is awesome too!
There’s always the option to go one step further if you really want to motivate your staff: offer incentives to those whose work clinches that win or a place on the award shortlist. Spa days, [...]