Awards editing

Learn the skills behind writing award entries that work

An expert eye on your business award submissions

Managing the business award submission process isn’t easy, so why not take advantage of our entry review and editing service for that final finishing touch?

What exactly do we offer?

Using our in-depth communications and award writing experience, we’ll examine and edit your draft submission to ensure it hits all the key criteria in the most powerful way possible.

What makes a winning award submission?

Writing a successful award entry takes time – and even with the most compelling project and data, if it’s not presented correctly and fails to meet the specified criteria, you’re never going to get onto the shortlist, let alone secure a win.

Even with skilled internal support, an objective view from experts who understand the formulas, formats and finer details can be a huge asset.

But it’s not just about grammar and word counts.

Our team are trained to recognise gaps, pinpoint potential opportunities and hone your awards entry into a comprehensive and articulate argument for the accolade – a watertight submission that will make a genuine impact.

Editing services with a judge’s eye

With our experience on both sides of the judging panel, we act as your critical friend, starting off with a full review of your entry content from a judge’s perspective. We’ll highlight any weaknesses and suggest ways to strengthen your entry.

If more evidence is required, we’ll guide you towards the best way to collate and present this in order to add weight to your story.

Struggling to meet guidelines or deadlines?

We’ll cross-reference your award submission against all criteria, and help you to manage your time effectively to get the entry over the finish line. We’ll keep things as simple and stress-free as possible. It’s everyday stuff to us.

Creative, compelling and comprehensive

Your designated awards expert will provide whatever level of support you require, ensuring exceptional attention to detail and a creative, convincing entry.

  • We work alongside your team to preserve internal ownership
  • We take your fact-driven copy and create a compelling ‘story’ for maximum engagement
  • We’ll ensure a fluid presentation with all relevant data in the right place
  • We’ll maximise word-count allowances while making every word count
  • We’ll ensure that all spelling and grammar is 100% perfect

Please get in touch to discuss our award submission editing services in more detail, or check out our award writing courses as an alternative option to help boost your chances of success.