Winning awards just got a whole lot easier...

The art of award entry writing

If you want to harness the bountiful benefits of winning awards - or securing a spot on those coveted shortlists - you need to understand the process from both your own and the judging panels’ perspective.

With Louise’s experience on both sides of the fence, you’ll learn how to recognise a winning project, pull together the most dazzling data and write an award entry that will stand out, and stand up to the criteria.

Need extra support?

If you prefer to leave your award entry writing to the professionals, please explore our award writing and additional services – or simply call on us any time you need a little extra help winning awards for your organisation.

Our guide to winning awards

So, what do you get for your small investment of just £7.99?

Glory will clearly explain:

  • The benefits of winning awards
  • The three key ingredients for victory
  • Identifying the right awards to enter
  • A complete guide to successful award entry writing
  • Reaping the rewards
  • Inside insight
  • Tools, exercises and checklists
  • Glory is more than a book of quick tips and tricks. It’s a thorough reference to support your award submissions that will pay dividends time and time again.