Awards research

Learn the skills behind writing award entries that work

Identifying the best company awards for your business

With over a decade of experience under our belts, our award research service will guarantee you’re not wasting your time on anything but the very best company awards.

But it’s not just about saving time...

Our bespoke approach will uncover the awards most aligned with the values that you and your stakeholders hold dear while ensuring a credible submission backed up with powerful evidence.

Targeting top award opportunities

Whether you’re going it alone or planning to use our award writing services, success starts with targeted research. Like any aspect of your business, you need to think strategically if you’re going to profit from your actions.

The benefits of an award win can be bountiful. But with the time, cost and potential loss in productivity during entry preparation, you need to be sure it’s the right fit.

So how do we do that?

We combine over 10 years of experience and cross-sector knowledge with a comprehensive consultation to research awards that highlight your unique strengths. What would capture the judges’ attention? What supporting data can you provide? What areas do you particularly want to promote?

The best awards = the biggest benefits

When starting out on your awards journey, it can be easy to take an ‘eyes on the prize’ approach. But what value does any specific award really offer to you? Is it really representative of your business/goals/audience?

We believe it’s always better to put everything into one (or a few) dynamic, detailed award entries than spreading yourself thin in the hope of a win.

So what key things do we consider?

Our awards research service will measure your organisation against award criteria, your overall aims and even past winners. We’ll consider new opportunities/markets the award could open up to you, the evidence needed to compel the panel, and how the accolade will act as a promotional tool with tangible business benefits.

Making the most of your research

After we’ve pinpointed the awards with the most potential, it’s time to plan your submission timetable and start gathering what you need to prepare your entry.

  • Allocate ownership to one primary team member
  • Identify the most impressive project for the award entry
  • Collate verifiable facts and figures to support your entry
  • Allocate the information to relevant entry form fields
  • Draft your submission paying careful attention to word count limits

If you need help with your award research or entry, drop us a line – or alternatively, book an award training course and learn how to write the best company awards submissions without professional support.