Awards consultancy

Learn the skills behind writing award entries that work

Strategic support at every step towards success

Our awards consultant service gives you direct access to in-depth insight and professional support, teaching you how to win awards that really matter to your business.

How does it work?

We’ll designate a sector-savvy specialist to work alongside you and your team for the mid to long- term, building a partnership that will bridge any skills-gap in your business, and unlock the power of your story, for glory.

Award identification and strategy

Every award entry takes time and a lot of effort, with extra demands being placed on your team resources – and often without any real first-hand experience in researching which awards are worth targeting, or writing a successful entry.

From industry-specific accolades to broader and widely recognised awards, we’ll work with you to identify those golden opportunities worth investing in.

But how do we know we’ve targeted the right awards?

Because our consultants know how to draw out your strengths and look at your business objectively. We delve into all available data to benchmark impacts and uncover the most compelling evidence. We’ll even measure you against previous finalists and winners… and much more besides.

A judge's view on how to win awards

Learning how to win awards for your business requires a dual perspective. You need to confidently sing your own praises, while also understanding what the judges are looking for. It just so happens that our awards consultants have acted as judges in the past. Handy that.

As soon as we start on your first award entry, we’ll be challenging you to take this same strategic view as you collate your evidence – with our guidance, of course.

What about presenting your case?

As marketing and communications experts, we’ll craft a compelling and convincing entry draft for your review. We know how to write to word counts, present complex data clearly, allow for skim- reading and ensure that your entry is engaging, grammatically perfect and memorable.

Benefits of our consultancy service

Our sustained 80% shortlisting rate over the hundreds of entries we’ve researched and submitted is just one of the key benefits of working with an Awards Writers consultant:

  • Dedicated service from your designated consultant
  • Detailed strategy and award calendar management
  • Ongoing guidance for you and your team
  • Minimise internal costs and lost productivity
  • Support for finalist presentations where required

Our award consultants can also teach your internal staff how to win awards with our bespoke training courses, or we can offer a simple writing or editing service if preferred – just drop us a line to discuss.