One common factor that all businesses share is customer service – whether you’re B2B or B2C, you have to manage your clients and the way you communicate with them.

The great news is that no matter how diverse or niche your services or products are, there will always be a customer service award that you’ll be eligible to enter. The downside to this is that competition can be fierce – so if you fancy having a crack, preparation is key. Here’s what we suggest if you’ve got your eye on a customer service award.

Be strategic about your services

To ensure you have the right credentials for customer service awards, you have to start with the basics. Review your service values and develop a strong delivery strategy – this will prove to the award panel and your clients that you care, and will encourage great feedback, an improved reputation and support should you need it for a vote-driven.

Why not arrange for some mystery shopping? This can be as simple as getting friends and family to send an email or make a call, or you could use a dedicated mystery shopping agency.

Be strategic about your stats

They say if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. As you roll out your all-new customer service standards, keep an eye on the numbers. Collate data on customer engagement and satisfaction – you’ll probably need a way to collect this from your customers – track call handling, response times, query resolution and anything else that you can measure. These statistics will start to show where your real strengths are, how much improvement you’ve made and what you need to work harder on. Above all, they can be used as supporting evidence [...]