It would be foolish to put in all of the time and effort needed to enter an awards if you don’t actually want to win. However, as we explain in this post, at Awards Writers we’re big fans of the benefits you can get from being shortlisted.

So, what can you do to maximise the benefits of being shortlisted? Here’s our quick checklist so you can be sure to make the most from your achievement, regardless of whether you walk away with the trophy.

First of all, check with the awards organisers whether there’s an embargo on announcing you’ve been shortlisted. Some give you advance notice but want to make their own announcement before you talk about the news publicly
While you’re at it, find out whether there’s an official finalist’s logo which you can use on your website, social media and in any communications about being shortlisted. Awards issue them to finalists and it will be useful in promoting your achievement
Once you can talk about the news, use it as a reason to contact clients (current, past and potential) to share your achievement with them. Maybe you could roll that news in with a special offer, but just the reminder in people’s in-boxes can be enough to remind them about you and could generate new business
Use your social media accounts to announce the news and follow others who are also shortlisted. Remember that the awards dinner is a great networking opportunity, so making “virtual” contact with others beforehand starts that relationship before you’ve even got your glad rags on. If there’s an official awards hashtag, don’t forget to use it
Thank your team. Let’s face it, you couldn’t have got there without them, so [...]