The award criteria have arrived and you’re ready to start writing. It seems simple enough. You’re given a word count and a description of what they’re looking for, and you’ve set aside a few hours. What could possibly go wrong?

The thing is, at first glance it all seems so easy… But the truth is that making every available word count takes experience and a bit of lexical magic!

8 reasons to use an awards writer

You could accuse us of bias, but there really are some compelling reasons to collaborate with a professional for your award entries:

Clarifying complexities – entry forms can be a bit complicated, and not always clear to the uninitiated. A pro will know how to make it flow, vaulting over the obstacles and clarifying your value through even the most complex of criteria. A recent client said we’d helped him clarify his messages and how he described the business as effectively a free part of the awards-writing service
Voice and volume – professional writers can deliver evidence within the word count, and more importantly, create value with each word they write. They also understand the tone of voice that should be adopted
Consistency – professional experience means that the most relevant details are drawn out, and the fluff is discarded. They’ll keep the submission on track and on topic, creating a consistently engaging and informative submission, exactly in line with the evidence being requested
Additional opportunities – someone who works in the awards industry will have an extensive and comprehensive calendar of business awards across the board. They’ll be able to tell you if there are other opportunities you can take advantage of – and you might even be able to use [...]