Your guide to writing awards – the essential new book for businesses

I’ve been writing awards submissions for businesses for around two decades; for clients who have a great story to tell but no time to tell it, and those who may have the time but don’t know where to start, or how to correctly collate and present the information.

While myself and my team of specialist award writers are busy writing awards (and helping lots of clients to win them!), I also delivering training to help business owners and communications professionals to put together their own award submissions too.

But what if neither of these solutions are right for you?

Now, for a small investment of just £7.99, you can buy ‘Glory: The magic formula for winning more business awards’ and access the secret formula for writing company award submissions that increase your chance of success.

Guide to Writing Awards – Buy the Book | Awards Writers
Glory: The Magic Formula for Winning More Business Awards

Company award submission tips that will tip the balance in your favour

The aim of this book isn’t to provide a few brief tips and leave you to muddle through your award submissions with some rudimentary guidance.

Instead, I’ve broken down the entire award submission process, along with expert insight into judging the value of awards for your business plus some useful checklists to ensure you’ve covered everything off.

Some of the key takeaways you’ll find in this unique guide to writing business award submissions include:

The benefits of entering company awards

Some of these may surprise you! Research evidences both the short and long term benefits of an award win or shortlisting, while others I explore include:

  • Internal business benefits
  • External benefits
  • The predictable and unpredictable

I also show you how to assess the right awards to enter to ensure you’re not investing in a time-wasting exercise when you could be doing much more important things for your business.

The three things you need to win and writing a kickass award submission

In the book, I identify and explain three key ingredients to successful award submissions, which are:

  1. Narrative
  2. Numbers with impact
  3. Luck

Along with these, you also need to get your planning and preparation right before you write, so I guide you through each stage, including:

  • Stepping away from the keyboard
  • How much time you need to write your entry
  • Powerful key messages
  • The secret judging marks you need to know
  • Distilling award entry information for maximum impact
  • The second stage of judging
  • Making your place as a finalist work as a win

Tools and tricks for successful company award writing

Once you get down to the actual writing, you don’t want to be referencing back to different chapters of the book – that’s just more time you can’t afford.

To help you stay on track efficiently and effectively, the book also includes a comprehensive section of exercises, tools and checklists to follow as you put your award submission together – just like a pro!

Get your guide to writing business awards here…

If you’d rather hand the hard work over to a team of professionals, you can contact our award writing experts here.

For those of you who love the idea of expert advice without outsourcing the award submission process to us, grab your copy of ‘Glory: The magic formula for winning more business awards and gain all the knowledge you need for writing awards in-house for a fraction of the price.