How do awards increase your credibility?

Great business reputations are earned through delivering on your promises and exceeding expectations. While a good marketing strategy can go a long way to putting that message out there, it helps if you have an independent voice shoring up your claims and commentary.

This is where award wins or securing a place on a shortlist can really help to give your reputation a boost. It’s a matter of simple psychology: being awarded an industry or service specific accolade makes clients and prospects view you differently. Shining this positive light on your skills and customer values can help you retain existing clients, win new ones and encourage higher conversions from your marketing activities. What’s not to like?

A compelling tale of credibility 

A quick synopsis of the evidence that helped you to win that award or finalist place naturally draws out the details that matter. It shows your audience that you’ve been recognised for being the best, and what that best was – instant credibility.

When someone’s considering engaging with your company, the deciding factor is often evidence that you can deliver what you claim. Testimonials on your website are great, but some people mistrust them – proof of the pudding from an external, impartial source is much more powerful.

The value of votes 

Awards that are voted for by service users are a clear signal that you’re trusted and valued enough for people to take the time out of their busy day to sing your praises. Perhaps more subtly, it also shows that you communicate well with your clients, and that they’re receptive to your approach.

The power of panels 

On the other hand, winners or finalists that are selected by a group of judges benefit from the kudos that comes from being recognised by other industry leaders. What says respect more than a vote for your value by one of your peers? In fact, because each judge will be coming at their assessments from a slightly different perspective, you’re actually demonstrating that you’re held in high esteem for several reasons.

Self-praise can always be questioned, but a vote of confidence from the outside sends out a much stronger message. Why not get in touch with us to see what awards you could be eligible to apply for?