What not to do at an awards ceremony

There’s been a fair amount of coverage about what happened at the Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards earlier this week, so we were inspired to write our top ten things not to do at an awards ceremony.

1 – Flash your bottom (okay, so this one was inspired by the Scottish awards ceremony story)
2 – Drink too much. A glass or two is good, staggering on stage, not so much (for more potential consequences, see 1 above)
3 – Be ungracious in defeat. No one likes a sore loser
4 – Heckle or boo. Just rude
5 – Leave after your category winner has been announced. Also rude. Why not stay and make the most of the evening?
6 – Make a 10 minute acceptance speech. The opportunities for acceptance speeches are quite limited these days, but if you get one the KISS theory is probably best (Keep It Short & Sweet)
7 – Wear fancy dress. Unless that’s the dress code (and if you know of an awards for which it is, let us know!)
8 – Not listen properly to the compere. Major embarrassment might follow if you make your way to the stage and haven’t, in fact, won
9 – Wear something see-through. Rihanna might get away with doing it intentionally, but we’re guessing you don’t want the bright stage lights to reveal what’s underneath your outfit
10 – Swear. On stage or off, it’s probably not the best way to impress

And it’s not just business awards which are fraught with problems, check out this Radio Times article packed with videos from when celebrity awards ceremonies have gone wrong.